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All your educational, professional and other documents verified instantly.


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Your digital profile is your digital resume containing verified skills, documents and contact details.


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Control the duration for which you share your documents and social profiles with anyone.


Data Security

All your data is stored on a secured encrypted cloud server for maximum security.


Why do you think "verified" profiles get jobs faster?

78% of job recruiters worldwide prefer verified profiles and documents during the selection process as it saves their time and lifts you up from your competitors.


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Do you know professionals spend 15% of their time looking for their documents?

But you can live a hassle-free life.

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Get a globally-accepted verified profile and obtain a digital edge over competitors.

Personalized Goals

Set up your professional goals, take action and keep a track of the progress.

Remote Access

Take full control of sharing and accessing your verified digital documents from anywhere.

Data Protection

Your digital-verified documents can never get destroyed, unlike the physical storage spaces that are susceptible to physical disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital credentials, also referred to as digital badges, are electronic representations of an academic or professional achievement traditionally acknowledged with a paper certificate. Digital credentials are a secured and trusted way of handling and accessing documents. All digital credentials issued by True Certificates are verified with the issuers of physical documents and certificates.

On your account, you can upload and request the verification of any and all types of your educational, professional and personal documents. It may include high school passing certificate, high school marksheet, college degree and college marksheet, online/offline training courses completion certificates and work experience letters, to name a few.

You can share your digital credentials from My Credible Info account to your social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), or via email to a specific individual or recruiter.

You are in total control of how and when your digital credentials are shared via My Credible Info. From your account, you can manage the settings of who sees your profile and details, and for how long.

While digital credentials are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on the My Credible Info platform along with the issuing details provided by the issuer. This linkage to the verified data makes them much more reliable and secure than a traditional paper-based document. Such verified credentials are tamper-proof and can not be falsified.

After logging into your My Credible Info account, you can select the document which you want to edit and click on the edit button. Once edited, send a request for verification. We will consider the latest version of the uploaded document and details for the verification process.

Absolutely not, you do not have to pay anything to use the My Credible Info platform to securely verify, share and access your digital credentials.